Diabetes and Doctor

Diabetes and Doctor was established in 1972. It is issued four times a year as a supplement in Diabetes magazine and is also available in electronic format. The journal is aimed at diabetes care professionals: mainly doctors and nurses but also dieticians, podiatrists, etc.

Diabetes and Doctor presents its readers with the latest information on diabetes care and research. Although the emphasis is on practical knowledge benefiting doctors in their work, the journal also closely monitors the international field of diabetes research. A separate section devoted to diabetes nurses contains regular features on education and nutritional counselling.

Articles are written by top Finnish experts in the field of diabetes. The journal has two Medical Editors, both of whom are doctors and have responsibility for the medical and scientific content. A Sub-Editor takes care of the practicalities of producing the journal. The Editor of Diabetes is also the Editor of Diabetes and Doctor.

An annual subscription to Diabetes and Doctor costs 15 euros. In addition, subscribers are charged the price of the annual volume of Diabetes magazine since Diabetes and Doctor cannot be subscribed to as a separate publication.

Diabetes and Doctor is published in two different versions: a regular volume which carries advertisements for prescription drugs, and a parallel volume without such advertising.

The total print run of Diabetes and Doctor is about 15 500 copies. Each issue contains an average of 40 pages.

Read Diabetes and Doctor in Finnish

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