Diabetes projects

One Life continues the work of the DEHKO diabetes programme, which ended in February 2011 -  the diabetes projects in One Life will continue the tasks in the prevention and care of diabetes and also break new ground.

On the diabetes projects under One Life an effort will be made to make rehabilitation and peer support an integral part of care.  This entails among other things smooth chains of care and service, good rehabilitative expertise for the respective diseases and paying due attention to rehabilitation under the current care guidelines.

The One Life diabetes subprojects stress the pursuit of

  • rehabilitation and peer support as a part of the care of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, bringing vascular risks under control and lifelong vascular health
  • gaining control over diabetes expertise.

Club One for young diabetics

Club One is group activity for young diabetics aged about 14 to 17 in Finland. For our groups we train adult diabetics (aged 18-30) to be peer mentors.ype 1 diabetes means making adjustments.

Learn more here:

Club One for young diabetics in Finland (pdf) (458.4 KB)

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