napahahmoThe Dehko Programme included a special programme for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

The Programme for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Finland was implemented on the FIN-D2D Project (2003-2008) comprising three concurrent strategies:

  • Population Strategy: prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes at population level

    High-Risk Strategy: screening of people with elevated risk and management of risk factors by lifestyle counselling

    Early Diagnosis and Management Strategy: prevention of complications among newly diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes by bringing them within the sphere of appropriate treatment

The FIN-D2D Project tested the Programme for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Finland in practise and developed new action models in the project area to be disseminated to all primary health care centres and occupational health care units in Finland.

The FIN-D2D Project also evaluated both the effectiveness and the cost-effectiveness of the new prevention and care practices.

The project covered five hospital districts: Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia, the Central Finland Hospital District, the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and the Hospital District of Northern Savo, which cover a total a population of 1.5 million Finns.

The coalition of the hospital districts, the National Public Health Institute and Finnish Diabetes Association in the FIN-D2D Project was unique. The project was coordinated by the Finnish Diabetes Association and Pirkanmaa Hospital District.

In order to ensure that the practices developed during FIN-D2D are established as permanent health care measures throughout Finland, there was a follow-up project to FIN-D2D in 2009-2010.

The project for making the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases part of health care routine also stresses that the prevention of diabetes and the ultimate objective of treatment is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.



  • Screened and prevented diabetes
  • Prevented complications
  • Supported self-care


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