Expert Bodies

The Finnish Diabetes Association has three expert bodies which:

  • contribute to the Association's services by providing insights from different fields and client groups
  • are engaged in enhancing the various activities of the Association.

Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board is the Association's source of expertise in medical matters. The Board consists of 10 to 14 medical doctors, one of whom is the Chief Physician of the Finnish Diabetes Association. The Health and Social Policy Officer of the Association acts as the Board's secretary.

Nutrition Committee

The Nutrition Committee is the Finnish Diabetes Association's expert body in nutrition science, assisting the Association in optimizing its nutritional education and the associated guidance materials. The Committee includes six dieticians or nutrition researchers whose work involves dealing with people with diabetes. The in-house dieticians and the Matron of the Association are also members.

Youth Committee

The Finnish Diabetes Association has activities specifically targeted at the 15 to 17 and 18 to 25 age groups. Activities are planned and in part carried out by the Youth Committee. The Committee consists of six young people who are appointed annually in the autumn.

The Youth Committee is an ideas forum for features for the youth web-magazine Inspis. Inspis is for all 12 to 25-year-old members of the Association.

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